Haskea Maddox Reeves Family Bible

Haskea Maddox Reeves Family Bible

Haskea Maddox Reeves Family Bible


This information is copied from a book on Maury County Bible records and contained all the additional notes included here.



The Holy Bible containing the Old & New Testament together with the Apocrypha, published by Jesper Harding, No. 57 South Third Street, Philadelphia in 1845. Originally belonging to Haskey Maddox Reeves, now owned by Reeves Family. Copied by Mrs. Henry Ellerd (Edna Reeves) Johnson, Aug. 14, 1967

William J. (Jones by family information) Reeves and Haskea A. H. Maddox was married May the 29, 1849
Hugh Griffin and Mary J. Reeves (sister of Wm. J. By family) were married March 29th 1860
C. S. Reeves & Lusindy McCracking was married April 5th 1875
William J. Reeves was Born January 27th 1825
Haskey A. H. Maddox was born May 10th 1831
Charles S. (“Sim” by family information ) Reeves was born June 15th 1850. (Simon in census record.)
Lizeabeth C. Reeves was Born January 13th 1852(died at 3 or 4 years of age by family info.)
Sarah Jefferson Reeves Borned Oct. 17th 1854
Charles E. (Edward by family info) Rieves was Borned Sept. 16th 1879
W. Clevelan Rieves was born Aug. 26, 1887
Lusindy L. McCracking was born May 5th, 1851
* Haskea A. H. Rieves
Departed This Life November the 18, 1854
Sarah Jeferson Reeves died January the 15, 1855
Susindy Reeves died July 20, 1933
C. S. Reeves Died May 29th 1934

Bible present to William J. And Haskea Rieves by Tom Rieves
*Buried in Paducah, Ky. by family info. William J. Died about 1910.
This family lived in Maury County and is listed in 1850 census of the county. Natly Mattox m. 63 & Susan f.16 were living with William Reeves in 1850.
Family Information -
Tom & Elizah Reeves came to Maury County around 1815-16. Eliza settled around Sowell’s Mill about 4 miles east of Columbia. Later he & his family moved to Giles Co. And then Sim & his family to Loretto (Lawrence Co.)
Tom settled around Culleoka. Bohapart (E. N. B.) Rieves called “Bee” lived to be 16 yrs. He was in original 48th Tennessee Inf. Severed for 4 years & was in about a dozen battles yet returned from the Civil War without a scratch. Sims (C. S.) was born in the house that “Bee” lived and died in. Tom’s family remained here & his descendants continue to live in Maury County.
Elija Reeves married a Starling from Georgia. (Polly). Tom’s descendants spell their name Rieves; Elijah’s spell their Reeves. From a newspaper account of E. N. B. Rieves’ death dated Sept. 12, 1934 & owned by the family in Loretto, his father was Thomas & his mother Sarah Bernetta Murphy Rieves. His wife was Mary Catherine Anthony who died in 1928 & whom he married December 23, 1869. He was survived by 6 children - G. N., E. N., I. A., Mrs. R. E. Caskey, Mrs. M. E. Lamar & Miss Nettie Rieves all of Maury County.
He was a life long member of the Union Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church & was serving as an elder at the time of his death.
He was a Mason in Columbia Lodge for almost 50 years -
Children of Elijah Reeves were Joe, William, Jeff who married Nettie —, Bose, Mary who married Hugh Griffin and Angeline who married -- Johnson.
John McCraken (father of Lucinda) was in last heard of in the Battle of Fort Donelson. His Captain talked with Lucinda & said he was killed there. A fellow soldier told the family he saw him borne from the field wounded. He never returned after leaving for war.


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