Grayson Co., VA - 1827 Deed, Aquilla Greer to George G. Reeves

1827 Deed - Greer to George G. Reeves

Deed - Aquilla Greer to George G. Reeves

Grayson County, Virginia
DB 5, Pg 202-203
6 Feb 1827

This Indenture made this 6th day of February in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and twenty-seven Between Aquila (sic) Greer of Ash County and State of North Carolina of the one part and George G. Reeves of Grayson County Virginia of the other part Witnesseth that the said Aquilla Greer for and in consideration of the sum of Sixty Dollars to him in hand paid the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge have Granted bargained sold and delivered unto the said George G. Reeves his heirs and assigns one Certain Tract or parcel of land Containing one hundred and forty acres Situated in the County of Grayson on a branch of Fox Creek and bounded as follows to-wit: Beginning at Double Chesnut tree Corner to Shadrack Greer's line S27 N.86 poles to a large chesnut tree S 18 E 50 poles to white walnut tree among some rocks N 75 E 182 poles to a Spanish oak on a point near a branch, S 83 E 56 poles to a large white oak N 81 E 102 poles to a Stake North 27 poles to two white oaks near Creek N 86 W 224 poles to a large poplar N 82 W 82 poles crossing two branches to the beginning. The said Aquilla Greer doth warrant and defend the right of said tract of land free from the Chalenge (sic) of him and his heirs forever. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances To the said George G. Reeves and his heirs forever In Witness whereof he the said Aquilla Greer have hereunto subscribed his name and affixed his seal the day and date first above written.
                                                                        Aquilla Greer (seal)

Grayson County to wit,
We Isaac Greer and Jonathan Thomas Justices of the peace in the County aforesaid in the state of Virginia do hereby Certify that Aquilla Greer a party to a certain deed bearing date 6th day of February 1827 and hereunto annexed personally appeared before us in our County aforesaid and acknowledged the same to be his act and deed and desired us to certify the Said acknowledgement to the Clerk of the County Court of Grayson in order that the said Deed may be recorded Given under our hands and Seals this 10th day of February 1827.
                                                                        Isaac Greer (seal)
                                                                        Jonathan Thomas (seal)

Grayson Clerks Office February 27th 1827
                This Deed from Aquilla Greer to George G. Reeves together with the annexed certificate of the acknowledgement thereof was presented and admitted to Record.
                                                                        Test M. Dickenson C.C.

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