Newton Co., GA - 1827 Prior Reeves in Parker Estate

1827 Prior Reeves in Parker Estate

Prior Reeves Named in 1827 Estate of Aaron Parker

Inventory and Appraisement of the personal property of Aaron Parker, Newton County July 20, 1827.

    Prior Reeves purchased a horse and colt

Prior Reeves paid off two notes and interest owed to the estate of Adam Parker.

The Estate of Aaron Parker, dec’d, Turman Walthall admr.


            * * * * *

By Cash and on Prior Reeves prin. & Interest     27.93¾
By Cash and on P. Reeves note         17.00

            * * * * *

10th February 1830             Turman Walthall admr
                                                        of Aaron Parker dec’d

Registered 16th March 1830
L. Hopkins clk


Inventories & Appraisements, Annual Returns & Vouchers, Sales Bills, Book 2, 1827-1837, Newton County, Georgia, Court of Ordinary, pp. 62-65; 40.

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