1829 Will - Josiah Reeve

1829 Will - Josiah Reeve

1829 Will - Josiah Reeve


Burlington County, New Jersey
Will Records 14772C
16 Apr 1829


I Josiah Reeve of Evesham in the County of Burlington and State of New Jersey, being favoured with a good degree of health, and of a sound mind and memory; but not knowing how long it may be continued to me; do at this time make the following arrangement and distribution of what worldly property it hath pleased the Lord to bless me with; as my last Will and Testament.
Item I give and Bequeath to my Beloved Wife Elizabeth Reeve all the goods, beding, silver plate, and furniture of every description that she has brought to me from her parents and other relations, or that has since been bought with her money, also all the principle of all the money that has been left to her by her Father, and other relations, (the present amount as endorsed on the cover of the obligations being about three thousand dollars) with all the interest that may then be due on them, with all that she may hereafter receive in the same way previous to my decease; the obligations to be put into her possession. I also give her six hundred dollars with of such goods, provisions, farming utensials, and stock as she may choose, to be taken at a fare appraised value; I also give her the riding carriage, chair & sleigh, with the harness; and the two best Horses, with four of the best cows, and ten sheep; - I also give her as long as she remains my widow such parts of the dwelling house and garden where I now live, as she may choose with Barn room and stabling; which I hereafter have give to my son Josiah R., with one third part of the produce of his part of the farm and orchard, the crops all to be gathered, threshed & delivered at his expense; - I also give her in the same way one fourth part of the produce of ithe farm that I have bequeathed to my daughter Mary; which gifts and bequests to my beloved wife, with the income of what money I hereafter give to her, is in lieu of all right of Dower whatsoever.
Item I give and Bequeathe to my son John Newbold Reeve and to his Heirs and assigns forever, the part of my plantation laid off in a map made by William Sharp in the fifth month 1820, marked No 3, being that part of my lands laying to the east of the road leading from Haines's mill to Lumberton, and bounded to the south by a lot of land formerly belonging to Hannah the wife of Jonathan Austen, to extend northerly from a stone in the middle of the road (being a corner to said lot) so as to include one half of the road as far northwest as the most northerly field opposite a stone for a boundary in the edge of said road at the end of a ditch bank, between the field and wood lot, thence along sd ditch bank between the field and woods to a stone in John Haines line, thence to the creek, containing about one hundred and five acres be the same more or less
Item I give and bequeathe to my daughter Martha Wister, the wife of Clayton Wister, and to her heirs and assigns forever, the following described part of my land and marked on the forementioned map No 4, begining at a stone in the Lumberton road, being a corner to the land she purchased of David Haines, thence by said land south forty five degrees east twenty two chains & thirty one links to a stone corner to said land thence north sixty two degrees 30 minutes east seventy one links to a stone by the fence thence south thirty seven degrees 30 minutes east twelve chain & thirty eight links to a stone at the end of the ditch bank; thence north sixty degrees 35 minutes east along said bank and along the fence of the several fields twenty three chains & six links to a stone a small distance to the north of the gate; thence north one degree 25 minutes east, fourteen chain fifty eight links across the corner of the wood land and along a ditch bank to a stone, to the west of an ash tree; thence through the woods east, then chains twelve links, across the woodland to the middle of the road; thence north and northwest along the middle of the road to David Livzeys land thence bounding on said Livey's land the several courses thereof to the first mentioned road to a stone being a corner to said land; thence to the place of begining; containing something more than ninety eight acres of land, exclusive of a three rod open road from the dwelleing house where I now live, and where the road now is, which priviledge of a road I reserve for the use of my son Josiah R and his heirs and successors on said farm forever.
Item I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Mary Reeve the following described parts of my land marked on the aforesaid map Nos 2 and 5, the first being laid off on the south east side of my lands, begining at a stone in the line of the land belonging to the heirs of Job Haines, on the south side of the run meadow four chains to the north by west of the stone corner to my lands thence north seven degrees east, forty three chains thirty links to a stone for a corner in the field, a little to the south of the woodland thence south eighty four degrees forty minutes east, nine chain fifty links to a stone by the fence, then on thirty seven links to the middle of the road, thence south along the road in the middle thereof untill it comes to the line of the land I bought of William Sitsgreave, and then the several courses of the north boundary of said land to the creek including the whole of said land to the east and west, containing in the whole sixty four acres be the same more or less. The other piece being the wood lot of four acres, one rood & twenty perches that lays adjoining and on the north west of the land given to my son John and bounded on the northwest by David Livgey and on the northeast by John Haines, subject to the priviledges & profits reserved to her mother. - I also give to my said daughter Mary the wood lot of ten acres that I purchased of my Brother Mark Reeve & Isaac Stokes up Haines's mill pond; also twenty acres of the pine land that I purchased of the executors of Jacob Austen, known by the name of the Fisher land to be laid off on the west and of said lot square across the same; all which parcels of land I give to her & to heirs and assigns forever. - I also give to her three hundred dollars in money to be paid in six months after my decease; I also give her all the table and bed linen that her mother has made especially for her
Item I give and Bequeath to my son Josiah Richardson Reeve and to his heirs and assigns forever, the remainder of this my plantation, being the part where I now live containing about one hundred and twenty acres and marked on the aforesaid map No1 - subject to the privileges and profits therefore given to his mother - I also give unto him in the same way the remainder of my lot of pine land adjoining the part I have given to his sister Mary, being the Fisher land, containing near twenty acres be same more or less; also my lot of Cedar Swamp on the Indian mill stream near Hartford, that I purchased of the Administrators of John Burr - I also give him three hundred dollars in money or such other property as he may choose at a fare valuation.
I give and Bequeath to my Granddaughter Martha N. Reeve one hundred dollars, and to my four grandchildren Mary, John N., Edward, and Elizabeth Reeve fifty dollars each, the money to be paid to them severally, when they arrive to the age of eighteen, & twenty one years; and if either of them should not arrive to that age, their share to be divided between the survivors.
Item I give and Bequeath to my four Children John N., Martha Wister, Mary, and Josiah Reeve, their heirs & assigns forever my cedar swamp lying in the bear swamp containing about ten acres that I purchased of the two Josiah Fosters Senr & Junior to be equally divided between them.
Item I give to my executors in trust, for them to pay in one year after my decease, to the friends of the Preparative Meeting of Upper Evesham that is maintained in the ancient Principle & establishment, or to such persons as said meeting may appoint, two hundred dollars, one half to go to the fund for the support of poor friends, and the other half to go to the fund for schooling the children of poor friends & others as the meeting may direct; but the principle of both to be keep good forever
My Will is that my executors herein after named, dispose of what moveable property that has not already been given away; and I also direct and authorize them, or the survivor of them, to sell and convey by good & sufficient deed my Plantation or farm in the township of Washington that I purchased of the Indian Commissioners; and out of the proceeds of the whole of my personal estate, to pay my funeral charges, just debts, and legacies, and then to place the remainder out at interest (always taking good and sufficient security therefor, lest it should be lost) and my will is, that my beloved wife shall have the interest thereof annually, with the clear proceeds of the rent of the Washington farm, previous to the sale thereof, as long as she remains my Widow; and after the expiration of that time, or at her death, I give the whole of said money to my four children, John N, Martha Wister, Mary, and Josiah R. Reeve, or their Representatives if they should leave any, equally in four parts.
I constitute and appoint my two sons John N. Reeve and Josiah R. Reeve my executors to this my last Will and Testament, desiring that they may fulfill the trust reposed in them to the best of their abilities, and in unity between themselves.
In confirmation of this being my last Will and Testament I have hereunto this sixteenth day of the fourth month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine (1829) set my hand and seal - Signed, Sealed, Published, and declared by the Testator as his last Will and Testament, in the presence of us who have set our names as subscribing witnesses thereto in his presence at his request.
Joshua StokesJosiah Reeve
Joseph Haines
David Haines

State of New Jersey Burlington County SS
Joshua Stokes and David Haines two of the witnesses to the forgoing will, severally alledging themselves to be consciously scrupulous of taking an oath & being duly affirmed according to law declare & say that they saw Josiah Reeve the testator therein named sign & seal the same & heard him publish pronounce & declare the foregoing testament to be his last Will and Testament that at the doing thereof the said testator was of sound & disposing mind & memory as far as these affirmants know & as they verily believe and that Joseph Haines the other subscribing evidence was present at the same time signed his name as a witness to the said will together with these affirmants in the presence of the said testator
Affirmed the ? at Mount HollyJoshua Stokes
County & State aforesaid the 25th day ofDavid Haines
November AD 1840 before me
Chls Hacker


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