Wake Co., NC POA - John Reeves to Solomon Williams

1830 POA - John Reeves to Solomon Williams

Power of Attorney - John Reeves to Solomon Williams

Wake County, North Carolina
Deed Book 15, Pg 140
13 Dec 1830


Know all Men by these presents that I John Reavis (sic Reeves) of the Territory of Arkansas have authorized nominated constituted and appointed Solomon Williams, Junr of the County of Fayette in the State of Tennessee and by these presents do authorize & appoint the said Solomon, my true and lawful attorney in fact for me and in name to apply for and receive the entire legacy due me in the State of North Carolina and in the hands of James Holloway my Guardian in said State being the whole amount coming to me from the Estate of my father John Reavis (sic Reeves) and from the Estate of my grand mother Sarah Holloway and my said attorney is hereby authorized and impowered to secure & receipt for all monies notes Bonds, or other dues or property in the hands of my said Guardian now due me and to sue for and recover and use all lawful means to collect the same and the receipt of my said attorney to my said Guardian shall be a good voucher for all dues and demands authorized in the premises - And further my said attorney is authorized & empowered to sell and dispose of all the lands, real estate, which falls to my Share from the estate of my said Grand mother & my said fathers Estate and to execute legal conveyances or Transfers for the whole or any part of the said land, and to do all things and exercise all acts of ownership over the same, in as full and ample a manner, as I could myself do if I were personally present - hereby ratifying and confirming all legal acts of my said attorney in the premises I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of December 1830.
Test (John Brown)                                                             John (X) Reavis (Seal)

State of Tennessee, Fayette County, Circuit Court December Term 1830
                This day came into Open Court John Reavis (Reeves) whose mark accompanys his name Seal to the within power of attorney and acknowledged the execution thereof for the purposes therein contained. Witness I. B. McClellan Clerk of our said Court at Office the 2nd Monday in December 1830 - under private seal there being no seal of office.

(Seal)                                                 Isaac B. McClelland Clk

State of Tennessee   §     I William R. Furley Judge of the 10th Judicial Circuit in
Fayette County         §     the State of Tennessee do hereby certify that Isaac B. McClellan whose signature appears to the foregoing certificate is Clerk of said Court of said County of Fayette and full faith & credit are due to his acts as such, and his attestation is in due form.
                Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of December 1830.
                                                Wm. B. Furley (Seal)
                                                Judge 10th Circuit State of Tennessee
State of Tennessee   §     Registers Office April 5th, 1832
Henry County           §
                The within power of attorney from John Reavis (sic Reeves) to Solomon Williams, & foregoing certificates are duly registered in my office in Book 9 page 48.
                                                James Super Register
                                                by B. C. Brown D Regr

State of North Carolina   §     May Term 1842
Wake County                     §     It appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that the foregoing power of attorney was duly certified, it is therefore ordered to be Registered.
                                                James T. Marriott Clk

Registered in the Registers office of Wake County in Book No. 15 and page 140 the 11th day of July A.D. 1842.
                                                Richard Smith, Regr.


Wake County, NC Deed Book 15, Pg 140 document scan online at Family Search.

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