1832 Will - Thomas Reeve

1832 Will - Thomas Reeve

1832 Will - Thomas Reeve


Salem County, New Jersey
Will Records 4077Q
(Recorded in Will Book C, p483)
25 Apr 1832


I Thomas Reeve of the township of Pilesgrove in the County of Salem & State of Newjersey Do make & Publish this instrument of writing for my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following to wit
First I do hereby order my executors hereafter named to pay all my debts & funeral expences out of my personal estate not otherwise disposed of by their will
Second I give & bequeath to my wife Sophia Reeve the sum of one Hundred Dollars Twenty Dollars of the said sum I order my executor to pay to her in two months after my decease the remainder of said sum being eighty dollars I order my said executor to keep in his hands and pay it to her in four equal yearly payments without interest, but if my said wife should be sick or afflicted so as to need it to be paid sooner then I order him to let her have it so as to get along comfortable till the hole sum is paid, but in case my wife does not live till the hole sum is paid, the Ballance left to go into my estate the executor to be the judge whether she need it as not. I also give to my wife one of my best beds & best bedsteads one pair sheets one pair blankets two common coverled? of her choice one table one Beauro two iron pots tea kettle three chairs some dishes two bushels of wheat one large Ham about seventeen Pound sof Pork two bushels Buckwheat all which said Bequests & legacys is to be in lieus of her right of dowerry in any part of my estate and not otherwise
Third I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Combs the sum of Twenty Dollars
Fourth I give and bequeath to my grandson Scull Reeve my Watch
Fifth I give and bequeath to my son Micajah Reeve my large family Bible
Sixth I give and Bequeath my Weearing Apparel to my son Abraham Reeves
Seventh I give and Bequeath to my two sons Thomas Reeve and Isaac Reeve or the survivor of them the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars in trust for my son Abraham Reeve and the said sum is to lie on my land as long as he lives and to be on interest and to pay the yearly interest, to the trustees for the support of my said son as long as he lives the principal to be secured by morgage with interest annully on the land and not to be collected during his life and after his death I order the said trustees or the survivor to collect the principal & interest if there is any unpaid and pay fifty Dollars to my grandson Anthony Reeve and also to pay to my grandson Elwood? Reeve fifty dollars and the Ballance to be equally Divided between all my children that is now living or their heirs
Eighth I hereby order & impower my executor hereafter named to take the charge of all my land and lease it out till sold and collect the rent till sold I also order sid executor to sell all my land my anytime when he thinks proper within three years after my Decease and make as good a title as I have subject to the sum of seven Hundred Dollars lying on it secured by a morgage from the purchases to Thomas Reeve & Isaac Reeve trustees for my son Abraham Reeve as long as my son lives with interest anully which morgage is to be executed at the execution of the Deed which I hereby order my executor to have Done & Recorded and Pay the expence & then give it to said trustees and after the sale of the land & the moveable is collected & the legacys paid & the estate setled & direct my executor to pay the Ballance equally between all my children that is now living except my son Josiah? Reeve I order the executor to take out sixty dollars and add equally to the others share. I also direct my executors to pay Elizabeth Newkirk these? to my son Isaac Reeve in trust for her to be paid to her in five equal yearly payments with interest
Ninth I hereby nominate and appoint my two sons Thomas Reeve and Isaac Reeve trustees to my son Abraham Reeve as long as he lives.
Tenth I nominate and appoint Jonathan Cawley executor to this my Last Will & Testament signed sealed and delivered to be my Last will and testament in the presence of us Who have hereunto set our hands as witness in the presence of the testator and at his request and in the presence of each other this twenty fifth day of the fourth month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two (1832)
Thomas Reeve
David Davis
Samuel Somers
Joseph Davis

Joseph Davis and Samuel Somers two of the witnesses of the within will being duly affirmed did declare and say that they saw Thomas Reeves the testator therein named sign and seal the same and heard him publish pronounce and declare the within instrument to be his last will and testament and that at the doing thereof the said testator was of sound and disposing mind and memory as far as they knows and as they verily believes and that David Davis the other subscribing evidences was present at the same time and signed his name as witness to the said will together with these affirmants and in the presence of the testator
Affirmed before me at Salem }Joseph Davis
the 20th day of May 1832 }Samuel Somers
Morris Hamon surrogate }


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