Surry Co. NC - 1833 Pension Statement of Henry Revis

1833 RW Pension Statement - Henry Revis

Revolutionary War Pension Statement of Henry Revis

According to the statement of Henry Revis signed in Madison County, Illinois on 27 May 1833, he volunteered in Surry County, North Carolina in the fall of 1775 and joined the company commanded by Captain Jacob Free.

He was born in Northampton County, North Carolina on the 11th day of August 1752, that he lived there till a few years before the war and then moved to Surry County and from there to Rutherford County. He then moved to the state of Kentucky in 1808 or 1809 where he lived more than 2 years, then moving to Madison County in 1811 where he resided continuously until the time the statement was given.

Complete RW Pension Statement is available at: http://www.southerncampaign.org/pen/s32475.pdf

Note: Although Henry Revis' name appears as the Reeves' variation "Revis", a descendant, Kevin Lee Reavis is participant #33050 of the Reeves' DNA Project and is included in Group #6.
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