Lincoln Co., NC - Estate of John N. Reeves, Accounts

1835 John N. Reeves Estate - Accounts

Estate of John Newton Reeves - Accounts

Lincoln County, North Carolina
16 Nov 1835

Amount of Accounts not Crossed (?) Desperate or doubtful which I found on the Smith Book of John N. Reeves Disceased (sic) which very lately Come to my hands to the amount of forty five dollars forty nine & half cents which by the dates appears to have been Standing upwards of two years at the time Said Reeves died wich (sic) Accounts is Desperate or very doubtful of Recovery

Accounts amounting to Ninety two dollars & eighty three cents which appears to by the dates not to have been Standing two years at the time of the discease (sic) Which Accounts Also appears desperate or very Doubtful of Recovery

                                                              James Armstrong
                                                    Sworn to -

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