1839 Widow's Allowance - Estate of John Newton Reeves

1839 John N. Reeves Estate - Widow's Allowance

John Newton Reeves Estate - Widows Allowance

Lincoln County, North Carolina
1 Mar 1839
Received of James Armstrong as Administrator of my Husband John N. Reeves Disceased (sic) the fifty Bushels of Corn the 200 lbs of flour the 110 lbs of Bacon the 50 lbs of Shugar (sic) the 20 lbs of Coffee the 2 lbs of hyson (?) tea the 1 lb of peper (sic) the 1 lb of ginger the 1 lb of Spice and the Bushel and half of Salt Received the Same on the first day of August 1835 it being allowed by Court layed of (sic off) by Jonathan G. Hand Esqr Samuel Caldwell John Henry & Philip Hoover

                                                              Received By me
                                                              Sarah Reeves

March first 1839
Received the cotton & the Soap
          Sarah Reeves

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