1840 Will of James R. Webster

1840 - Second Will of James R. Webster

Second Will of James R. Webster

Anderson District, South Carolina
Will Book B, pg 116-118
3 Aug 1840


Second & Last Will of James R. Webster.
South Carolina         §         In the name of God, Amen. I, James R.
Anderson District     §         Webster, being of Sound and disposing
Mind and memory, but weak in body,
And Calling to mind the Certainty of Death and uncertainty of life, and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, do make and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament in the following manner. 1st I commit my Soul to God who gave it, and my body to earth from whence it came. 2nd I will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate. 3rd I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife Jane Webster all that plantation or Tract of Land whereon I now live, containing near Three Hundred acres, beginning at a stake 3x, thence to a post oak 3x, thence to a stake 3x, thence to a stone 3x on the Branch, thence to a poplar 3x, thence to a stone 3x on the Honey Road, then running the lines of my original tract round, which included all that part of my Real Estate that I design for her to have.
4th I also will unto my beloved wife the following named personal property; - one negro man named Harry, two negro women named Rinda and Sarah, with as much Household and Kitchen furniture as she thinks necessary for the family that may be left with her, one years provision, three choice Horses of my Stock, one waggon and Gear, sufficient plantation Tools, Twelve Head of Cattle, four of which is to be milk Cows and Calves or Yearlings, a sufficient Stock of Hogs and Sheep which I wish her to select out of my Stock to have and to hold during her natural life or widowhood, on condition that She will raise the families of children of Rinda and Sarah for Ann and Margaret Webster which I hereafter give to them. But at her death or marriage all the above named property to be Sold, and after a deduction of Seven Hundred and Eighty Dollars and Eighty three cents from the proceeds, which amount to be equally divided between her five own children according to her mothers will viz, John J. Robinson and Elizabeth Armstrong to have equal shares, deducting twenty five Dollars each which they have received by beds and furniture; Hugh Robinson Ann and Margaret Webster each to have equal shares.
5th And after the above deduction the balance to be equally divided between my hereinafter named children.
6th I will to my two minor daughters, Ann and Margaret, the following negroes; to Ann Webster one negro boy named Thompson and one negro Girl named Louisa, to Margaret Webster I will two negro Girls named Minerva and Mahala; together with all the future increase of Rinda and Sarah to be equally divided between them: also each to have an equal share of what I have left my wife after the before mentioned deduction is made, which is all I intend for them out of my estate.
7th I will the balance of my estate both real and personal consisting of Two tracks of Land, one negro woman Beck, one negro man Edmund, one negro woman Eve and her family of children, together with the remaining part of my stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Household and Kitchen furniture and every other article of property remaining at my decease, to be sold and divided as follows. 1st I will to Ethelender Loveless, my Daughter, an equal share, 2nd I will to Posey Webster, my Grand-Son, one hundred Dollars. 3rd I will to my son Henly Webster, an (sic?) share, deducting one hundred and Eighty Dollars, which he has received. 4th I will to Arthur and Polly Smith, my Daughter, an equal Share. 5th I will to my daughter, Elizabeth Reeve and the lawful Heirs of her body, an equal share, and my will and desire is for it to be so arranged, that she and her Heirs may have the benefit of the same, and that her Husband, Andrew J. Reeve should not have the disposal of wasting or spending the same to her disadvantage. 6th I will to my daughter, Henrietta Kay and Joel Kay, and equal share. 7th I will to the Heirs of my daughter Nancy Kay Dec. an equal share to be divided equally between them. 8th If there should be any ready money or notes on hand at the time of my decease I will the same to be equally divided between my wife and the Seven last named Heirs or their Heirs. 9th And at the death of marriage of my wife I will that all the property I have left her be sold, and after the heretofore mentioned deduction is made, the balance to be equally divided between all my children, except my Grandson, Posey Webster who only gets one hundred Dollars as before mentioned: and Elizabeth Reeves Equal share I wish to be arranged as before mentioned, to her use and the lawful Heirs of Her Body. 10th and Lastly I do Constitute and appoint Hugh Robinson and Arthur Smith, Executors of this my last Will and Testament; my wish that Hugh Robinson attend to the interest of his mother and sisters, and Arthur Smith to the Rest of my Heirs. In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal, this August 3rd day one Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty.

               Signed, Sealed and acknowledged       §                               his
               in the presence of                                 §             James R.   X   Webster (Seal)
                                        Geo. Mattison                                             mark
                                        Hampton Stone
                                        John M. Branigan

Ordinary’s Office         §         I, John Martin, Ordinary, certify
Anderson District         §         that the foregoing will was this day
              S.C.                 §         admitted to probate in Solemn form
by the oaths of all the Subscribing witnesses, every clause of which is to be executed except the Sixth which makes certain bequests to Ann and Margaret Webster, and which has been this day set aside for reasons Set forth in a decree herewith filed and entered on the Journal Vol. 1st Page 11. Arthur W. Smith and Hugh Robinson were at the same time qualified as Executors. Given under my hand and seal, the 14th December, 1840.

                                                John Martin, (Seal)


Anderson District SC Will Book B, pg 116-119, online scan of original at Family Search

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