Fleming Co., KY 1841 Inv - Ignatius Reeves Estate

1841 Inventory - Ignatius Reeves Estate

Inventory & Appraisement - Ignatius Reeves Estate

Fleming County, Kentucky
Will Records Vol. G p. 219-220
27 Nov 1841

November 27, 1841 A true and just inventory and appraisement of all the personnel estate of Ignatious Reeves deceased which was produced to us by James Reeves his administrator.

1 lott of Coopers ware & paines (?) 3.00
1 skillett and lead and one tea kettle 2.00
1 saddle and two bridles 6.00
1 axe 1 shovel 1 sickle & 1 smoothing Iron 3.50
6 windsor chairs 3.00
1fat Tub0.25
1bed and bedding and bedsted6.00
1bed & bedding and bedsted exempt15.00
1 lot of bed clothes & pieces6.00
1small Table1.00
1square Table0.25
1Bureau & dressing glass12.50
1cupboard & ware10.00
1stack of Hay6.00
2stacks of oats4.00
2plows & doubletrees 7.00
1sythe & hangings2.00
Corn in the crib12.00
1lot of flax2.00
1pole red cow9.00
1Brindle cow (exempt)8.00
1Loom & apparattus0.50

I do certify that the foregoing inventory contains all the personal estate of Ignatius Reeves deceased which hath come to my hands this 27th Nov 1841

We do certify that the foregoing appraisment was truly and justly made of the personal property of Ignatious Reeves deceased which was produced to us by his administrator to the best of our judgment all of which we respectfully report to the Fleming County Court Given under our hands this 27th day of Nov. 1841
                                                                        Wm. Filson
                                                                        William Cline
                                                                        William Emmons

At a Court held for Fleming County on the 27th day of Dec. 1841 This Inventory & appraisment of the personal Estate of Ignatious Reeves decd was produced in Court examined & ordered to be recorded which is duly done.
                                                                        Att           W. T. Dudley Clk.

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