1842 Chancery Order - Tayloe vs John U. Reeves et al

1842 Chancery - Tayloe vs John U. Reeves et al

Benjamin O. Tayloe vs John U. Reeves et al

Prince William County, Virginia
Chancery Order Book 1, p. 175
20 Oct 1842


Benjamin O. Tayloe &c: Pltffs against John U. Reeves &c: Defts In Chy:
          This cause this day coming on to be heard upon the Bill answer, exhibit, and report of Commissioners Macrae, which is not excepted to; and evidence appearing of the execution of this order of publication against the absent Defends: John U. Reeves and Walter Reeves a well as the Service of the subpoena on the other Defendants for more than four months Since the institution of this suit, was argued by counsel, whereupon this Court doth adjudge order and decree, that the land in the proceeding mentioned ? to pay the balance of the purchase money due as in said report of said Commrs reported together with the costs of this suit unless the said Deft. Shall ay the sum, on or before the day of sale hereinafter mentioned, Shall be sold by the Commrs: hereinafter named, to the highest bidder on the premises, on a credit of six, twelve and eighteen months, the purchaser giving bond with Sufficient Security, the title to be withheld, and the land subject to sale under the orders of this Court, if default be made in the payment of the purchase money or in any part thereof, the Commrs. Hereinafter mentioned advertising the time & place of sale, for three months successively, in one or more of the newspapers published in the State of Virginia. And the Court doth further order the Commrs. hereinafter mentioned to pay to the Plaintiffs out of the proceeds of sale, the defts interest and rents aforesaid and think they (unclear) make a deed for the purchase for said land (stricken in original) and report their proceedings to this Court for a final decree, And the Court doth appoint as Commissioners for Carring into effect the foregoing decree. John Gibson and Presley T. Lornase (?),


Prince William County VA Chancery Order Book 1, pg. 175, scanned original documents online at Family Search

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