Lincoln Co., NC - Willis Reeves Estate, Widow's Allowance

1846 Willis Reeves Estate - Widow's Allowance

Willis Reeves Estate - Widow's Allowance

Lincoln County, North Carolina
Fall Term 1846

To the Worshipfully (sic) the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions

The petition of Elisabeth Reeves respectfully sheweth unto your worships that her husband Willis Reeves died on or about the 13th day of August 1846 intestate, leaving your petitioner his widow and relict unprovided for; your petitioner further sheweth that her said husband died possessed of considerable personal property - she therefore prays that your worships will appoint one Justice of the Peace and three freeholders, unconnected with your petitioner, to view the estate of her said husband and allot and appoint out such part of the crop, stock and provisions, as they may concur (?) necessary and adequate for the support of your petitioner and her family, for the space of one year; and if there be no crop, stock or provisions on hand, or not sufficient for such allowance, that the said Justice and freeholders shall proceed to estimate the value of a years provisions and allot and set over to your petitioner any article or articles of personal property (negroes excepted) belonging to the estate of her said husband, and also any debt or debts known to be due to him; and that the said Justice and freeholders under their hands and seals make return of their proceedings to the next term of this worshipfull Court and your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pay &c.

                                    W. Lander
                                    Atto for petitioner

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