1851 Census WIL - Reeves, David & family

Reeves, David & household

1851 Census


Residing at Redlinch(sic) in the tything of East Downton and in the Ecclesiastical District of St Mary, Redlinch

David Reeves       Head    Mar age 39 occupation Ag Lab      born Redlinch, Wilts
Harriett Reeves    Wife    Mar     35                             Redlinch, Wilts
Frances Reeves     Dau             14                             Redlinch, Wilts
Sarah Reeves       Dau             12                             Redlinch, Wilts
Enos Reeves        Son              9            Scholar          Romsey, Hants
Ann Reeves         Dau              7                             Romsey, Hants
Anna Reeves        Dau              4                             Romsey, Hants
David Reeves       Son              2                             Downton, Wilts


1851 Census HO107, Piece 1846, Folio 191 reverse, Page 23
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