1851 Census Eling - Reeves, Emily

Reeves, Emley (Reeves, Emily)

1851 Census


Residing at Bacon Hill, Marchwood, in the Parish of South Eling and the Ecclesiastical District of St John's in the village of Marchwood

Name and Surname                   Age   Occupation                Where Born
Thomas Martelli    Head    Unm     38    Curate of Marchwood       St Clements Dame, Middlesex
Sophia Fox         Servant Widow   61    Housekeeper               Bramshaw, Hants
Emley Reeves       Servant Unm     16    Housemaid                 Eling, Hants


It is possible that Bacon Hill is actually Beacon Hill, which is to the south of the modern day village of Marchwood.

Based on age and place of birth and despite of the slight variation in the given name of Emley (sic), this is most probably Emily Reeves daughter of Samuel & Mary.


1851 Census HO107, Piece 1668, Folio 471 face, Page 12
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