1851 Census HAM - Reeves, John + Charlotte & household

Reeves, John + Charlotte & household

1851 Census - Piece 1661, Folio 56 reverse


At Porter Lane Farm, North Fareham in the parish of Fareham, the household of John & Charlotte Reeves ....

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel      Cond   Age  Occupation             Where Born
John Reeves          Head     Mar     50  Agricultural Labourer  Droxford, Hants
Charlotte Reeves     Wife     Mar     34                         Werwell(sic), Hants
Henry Reeves         Son               6  Scholar                Fareham, Hants
James Reeves         Son               4                         Fareham, Hants
Sarah Reeves         Dau               3 months                  Fareham, Hants
George Kinch                  Unm     20  Agricultural Labourer  Fareham, Hants
George Eames                  Unm     18  Agricultural Labourer  Fareham, Hants


On the original enumeration return John's age has been entered twice. The first attempt looks like 50 but the ink has flowed too freely and could be read as 60. This has been struck through and above it is written what is probably 50, but this time there is too little ink and the upper half of the character is indistinct and might be read as 30.

No relationship is recorded for either of George Kinch nor George Eames and no family connections are currently known.


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1661, Folio 56 reverse, Page 1
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