1851 Census ESS - Reeves, James + Jane Mary & household

Reeves, James + Jane Mary & household

1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1769, Folio 106 face


Residing at Knights Green in the Parish of St Mary, Leyton, Essex ....

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel    Cond   Age  Occupation               Where Born
James Reeves         Head   Marr   56   Gentleman                London
Jane Mary Reeves     Wife   Marr   48                            London
James Bowles Reeves  Son    Unmar  24   Gentleman                London
Jane Fanny Reeves    Dau    Unmar  23   Lady                     London
Eliza A C Reeves     Dau    Unmr   21   Lady                     London
Emily A M Reeves     Dau    Unmar  19   Lady                     London
Caroline H Reeves    Dau    Unmar  15   Lady                     Leyton, Essex
Ann Beckitt          Serv   Unmar  49   Cook                     Cambridge
Isabella R Larkins   Serv   Unmar  28   Parlour Maid             Southampton
Charlotte Dunn       Serv   Unmar  20   House Maid               Leyton, Essex
David Cornell        Serv   Marr   52   Coachman                 Essex
Mary Cornell         Serv   Marr   59   Dairy Maid               Stafford


This is James Reeves of the "Reeves and Sons" art materials brand


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1769, Folio 106 face, Page 18, Schedule 72