1851 Census HAM - Reeves, S. A. (visitor)

Reeves, S. A. (visitor)

1851 Census - Piece 1674, Folio 75 reverse


On Southgate Street in the St Thomas Parish of the City of Winchester is the household of William FINCH, including a visitor, S. A. Reeves ... ...

Transcript or Summary

                     Rel      Cond   Age  Occupation             Where Born
William Finch        Head     Mar    62    County Messenger      Bray, Berkshire
M. Finch             Wife     Mar    65                          Romsey, Hants
Jane Tillar          Niece    Unm    24    Servant                  Romsey, Hants
S. A. Reeves         Visitor  Unm    20    Schoolmistress        Haw????, Wilts


The place of birth for S. A. Reeves is not easily read; the first three characters are clearly "Haw" and the final three "ige" with perhaps a "b" or "br" between. Allowing for regional accents, poor spelling & possible transcription issues from schedule to enumeration book, the most likely place is Hawkeridge, in the Parish of Heywood in the west of the county of Wiltshire. Prior to 1849, Heywood was a chapelry in the ancient Parish of Westbury.

It is highly probable this visitor is Sarah Ann REEVES, who appears on the 1881 census giving her place of birth as Hawkeridge and in 1871 as Westbury and who does not appear in the expect family context in 1851.


1851 Census - HO107, Piece 1674, Folio 75 reverse, Page 23
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