Wilson Co., TN - 1861 Will of John Reeves

1861 Will - John Reeves

Will of John Reeves

Wilson County, Tennessee
Inventories & Wills 1858-1863, Pg 393
25 May 1861

I John Reeves being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make & publish this my last will and testament revoking all wills & testaments heretofore by me at any time made.
First, I give to my wife Sarah Reeves the place on which I now reside containing two hundred and ninety eight acres more or less during her life time. I give her also as many of my horses, hogs, cattle and other stock , my buggy household and kitchen furniture farming utensils much wheat corn oats hay as she may desire to keep during her life time and at her death She can dispose of them as she desires. I give her also my negroes Ben, Andy Jerry Henry Dolphus Bill Lucas Pats Marth Mary & Fran during her lifetime.
                  I give to my daughters Nancy Jane Wier, Rhoda Ann Sanders and Tabitha Puryear each the sum of Forty five hundred dollars in money which, with what I have given them I think will make them equal to the land herein after given to my son John Reeves.
                  I give to my son John Reeves the place wheron I now reside containing two hundred and ninety acres, more or less, at his mother’s death.
                  I will further that my current land and all other effects not kept by my wife be sold on th usual credits, all the debts due me collected ad my past debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of the same and then the remainder applied to the payment of the amount given to my daughters in this will and if any left then it is to be equally divided between my four children.
                  Now my will is that if from any cause there should not be a sufficient amount of money raised out of my effects to pay my daughters the amount of money left to them in this will, then my wife Sarah Reeves is empowered to divided so many of the negroes left to her in this will as she may desire and apply the proceeds to the discharge of the said amount to my daughters and should all my effects from any unforeseen cause be insufficient to pay my daughters the sum of Forty five hundred dollars each I suppose the decrease in the value of the land will make John’s equal to them and nothing in this will is to be construed so as to deprive my son John Reeves of the land at his mother’s death. Lastly, I nominate J. D. Wier, R. C. Sanders and Thomas Puryear and my son John Reeves, if not incapacitated by reason of his age, Executors of this my last will and testament. Signed and sealed in the year Eighteen hundred & sixty one and the twenty fifth of the month of May.
In the presence of us
and witnessed in each others presence             John Reeves
Attest      Moses Watkins
                B. G. T. Warren

                  State of Tennessee Wilson County Court October Term 1862
                  The last will and testament of John Reeves deceased was produced in open court and fully proved by the oaths of Moses Watkins and B. G. T. Warren the subscribing witnesses thereto. Ordered that it be recorded as the last will of said deceased.

                  Recorded Novbr 7th 1862    J. S. McClane Clerk
                                                                        of said County Court

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