Duplin Co., NC - 1867 Settlement, Estate of Hardy Reaves

1867 Settlement - Hardy Reaves Estate

Estate of Hardy Reaves

Duplin County, North Carolina
Estate File of Hardy Reaves
21 Jan 1867

Robert Reaves Administrator of Hardy Reaves decd
in account with estate January 21st 1867

Aug 1862 3   To Amt of Sales Febr 3rd 1862 @ 6 Mos $233.70
  “ Interest on Same to 21st Jany 1867 62.51
  “ Note on T Reaves on 1st Jan 1857 for 112.50 $408.71
Apr 1864 18   By Paid H. L. Holmes 10.00
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 1.65
Sep 1863 21   “ “ Timothy Reaves 15.00
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 3.00
Feb 1862 3   “ “ H. R. Loftin 2.50
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .75
Dec 1862 23   “ “ M. G. Jones .72
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .16
Feb 1862 3   “ “ Joshua Sullivan 1.00
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .30
Apr 1862 Term   “ “ Jno J Whitehead Clk .40
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .19
Apr 1862 22   “ “ Geo W. Goodson 18.00
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 5.13
Jan 1862 Term “ “ Jno J Whitehead Clk .80
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .24
Nov 1863 6   “ “ S. Graham Col 2.00
  Interest to 21st Jany 1867 .38
  “ Note on Timothy Reaves always worthless 112.50
  “ Coml on receipt - $296.21 @ 50% 14.81
  “ “ Expenditures $62.22 “ “ 3.11
  “ Confederate Currency on hand worthless§
  with int estimated to 21st Jany 1867           § 138.77 $331.41
  Balance due in notes uncollected 77.30

State of North Carolina §             January Term 1867 of the Court
Duplin County               §             of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
To the worshipful the Justices of said Court
The undersigned having been appointed a commissioner to state an account of the personal effects and estate of Hardy Reaves deceased which came into the hands of Robert Reaves his administrator and also an account of the debts and funeral expenses of said deceased, by your worships at a former Term of this Court - by leave to submit the following report, proceeded to state said account on the fourteenth day of December AD 1866 and after a due examination of of (sic) all the papers and books in the case and giving credit for the amount of confederate currency on hand unexpended and for a note on Timothy Reaves which was on hand at the death of the intestate and then and yet worthless find that there is a balance due said estate of seventy seven & 30/100 dollars which is in notes taken at the sale of the personal estate of said intestate by Robt Reaves the said administrator on the 3rd day of February AD 1862 at six months and consequently subject to a small depreciation which after paying the cost of this suit and reference will leave in the hands of the administrator the sum of Fifty-six & 26/100 dollars in said notes to be divided between the heirs at law of said deceased or that which may be left-after paying an account yet due for medical attendance upon the said deceased during his last sickness and which if paid by the administrator before final settlement with the heirs will have to be deducted pro rata from the following sums estimated as due to each heir. The administrator holding a note against Timothy Reaves one of the heirs who is insolvent - I do not consider that he is entitled to any part of the surplus. Robert Reaves share is $7.04½ Marinah Smith’s share is $7.04½ Cuzzy Southerland’s share is $7.04½ Polly Kornegays Share is $7.04½ David Reaves share is $7.04½ John B. Reaves Share is $7.04½ Margaret Reaves Share is $7.04½ Timothy Reaves Share considered to be heretofore paid and the Children of Susan Harris to one share $7.04½ their being eight of them to wit Marinah Woods, Wm. B. Harris, John H. Harris, Susan Pope, Laney Harris, Beda Harris, Clarisa West Brook and Avey Harris whose share each if Eighty Eight and 1/16 cents - all of which share are in notes subject to a scale of thirty per cent to a gold standard, all of which is respectfully submitted.
                                              Walter R. Bell Commissioner
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