Duplin Co., NC - 1884 Widow's Allowance, Martha Reeves

1884 Widow's Allowance - Martha Reeves

Widow’s Allowance - Martha Reaves

Duplin County, North Carolina
Estate File of Robert Reaves

Duplin County
Martha Reaves widow of Robert Reaves having made application for year’s allowance the undersigned were summoned and being duly sworn proceeded to allot and assign to her the following articles of property to-wit)

Twenty barrels corn $60.00
One bank Potatoes 3.00
One bank Potato (slips) 3.00
Eleven fat hogs (1000 lbs) 60.00
One Sow & Six pigs (yellow sow) 8.00
One pen of fodder (nearest garden) 7.00
One Cow 8.00
One lot chickens (all) 2.00
One buggy & Harniss 25.00
One Cart for Harniss &c 15.00
Five bus peas (all) 3.00
One lot of tools 3.25
Two plows-hoes &c 2.00
One Iron wedge & maul .50
Thirtine (sic) chairs 3.25
Two bedsteads/mattress & bed clothing 4.00
One pair of andirons .05
One Horse & bridle 40.00
One Riding saddle 2.50
One Grindstone 2.00
One cook stove & fixtures 3.00
One water bucket & basin 0.50
One large pot one table two benches
one bucket three tubs three barrels one
tray one safe & contents one spinning
wheel contents of dairy one clothes
press one table one chest) 9.15
Window curtains .75
One lard stand & twenty lbs lard 2.00
One trough & soap .50
Two Empty Kegs .20
Potatoes in cellar 1.00
One stone churn .35
Balance in Money 24.00

Commissioners           J. R. Faizon
                                    Jas F. Shine
                                    A. G. Moseley, JP
December 16th 1884
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