1894 - Judge W. L. Reeves Election Contest

The Hopkinsville Kentuckian

December 28, 1894

Judge Guffy Will Have to Fight for His Seat

Franklin, Ky., Dec. 25 - What appeared as a surprise and a real sensation to many has been known by a few for several weeks, that is, that Judge W. L. Reeves would contest the election of Judge Guffy, the recent Republican candidate against him for judge of the court of appeals whom the face of the returns in the late election gave 861 majority. Hon. W. F. Browder, of Russellville, will be the chief attorney for Judge Reeves, and he will have many valuable assistants from the bar of the district. The governor, attorney general of the State, secretary of State, and auditor will be the tribunal before whom the contest will be tried. The court of appeals is the highest court in the State, and in the past has been graced by the ablest lawyers in the Commonwealth, and its present judges are eminent men in their profession, and if Judge Reeves is successful in his contest case, he will be the "noblest Roman of them all." The concensus of opinion here is that Reeves will and ought to be successful, and the matter of contest is approved by the leading Democrats, Fraud is the ground of contest set forth in the notice.

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