1898 - Wheeler-Reeves Barbecue

The Paducah Sun

Paducah, Kentucky
Friday, August 26, 1898


A Big Barbecue to Be Held at Woodville Tomorrow

Messrs. Wheeler and Reeves Will Speak - A Big Crowd Promised

Hon. Bud Reeves, of Wickliffe, Populist nominee for congress, arrived in the city last night, and today was a guest of Mr. J. H. Burnett, on North Fifth street.

Mr. Reeves will meet Mr. Wheeler tomorrow at Woodville, and they will speak there. A big barbecue is to be given, and it will no doubt, from indications, be attended by a large crowd from the city, as well as by hundreds from the county. This will be the first meeting of the two candidates on the stump in McCracken county.

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