1903 - Major James O. Ferrell Stricken with Paralysis

The Hopkinsville Kentuckian

February 27, 1903


Stricken With Severe Stroke of Paralysis -
Lies Critically Ill at His Home
His Son at His Bedside

Maj. J. O. Ferrell, principal of Hopkinsville High School, was stricken with paralysis at ten o'clock Tuesday night and his condition is very critical.

He had taught school as usual during the day and after supper was taken with a headache and retired early. About ten o'clock he called to Mrs. Ferrell and upon going to him she found him trying to rise but unable to do so. His physician was sent for and found one entire side paralyzed and the sufferer has since been in a half conscious condition.

His son, Prof. Clifton C. Ferrell, of Oxford, Miss., who is a professor in the University of Mississippi, was wired and arrived yesterday morning.

Maj. Ferrell has conducted Hopkinsville High School since September 1873, almost 30 years. Of late years it has been a select limited school for young men. He now has twenty pupils, one-half of whom board with his family. The school is temporarily suspended, but by next week an arrangement will most probably be made to resume with a substitute teacher, pending Maj. Ferrell's disability.

He is not liable to be able to do any more active work, should he recover, but may be able to direct matters to some extent until the close of the present session.

Major Ferrell is one of the most useful and beloved men in Hopkinsville. He is now in his 71st year and nearly half of his life has been spent in Hopkinsville. He was a confederate soldier with a record for great bravery and devotion to the "Lost Cause."

He is superintendent of the Baptist Sunday School and his place in that position will be very hard to fill.

In all the walks of life he has been upright, honorable and faithful.

Hundreds of middle-aged men all over Kentucky have been his pupils and in many cases he has taught fathers and sons. Some of his present pupils are sons of his former pupils. He is greatly beloved now (sic not) only by his old "boys," as he always calls them, but by the entire community.

His wife and son have the sympathies of all in their trouble.

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