The Washington Post - Three Drown in Maryland

1919 - Three Drown at Point Lookout

The Washington Post

Published 26 August 1919
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Three drown at Point Lookout

Mother, Son and Rescuer all swept away by Undertow
Special to the Washington Post
Crisfield, MD
Aug. 25
While bathing at Point Lookout, just opposite Crisfield, on the Chesapeake Bay, three persons were drowned. The victims were: John B. Keys, of Indiantown; Mrs. John Reeves of Chaptico; and her fourteen year old son, William Reeves.

The Reeves and Keys families had gone for an outing together, and the children were bathing. William Reeves was caught in an undertow and was being carried away when his mother went to his assistance. When it became apparent that both mother and son were in grave danger, Mr Keys went to their aid, and although considered an excellent swimmer, it is believed he suffered an attach of heart failure, as all three were swept away.

The body of Mr Keys was found a few hours later. The body of Mrs. Reeves was found floating about five mile from the scene by Captain Gus Furbush.

A reward of $50 was paid to Capt. Furbush.

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