Carroll County, Arkansas

Carroll Co., AR

Carroll County, AR


The Osage hunted the land that is now Carroll County until they ceded their rights to northwest Arkansas in an 1808 treaty. In 1818, the United States government established a reservation for the Western Cherokee. The northwest boundary of the reservation ran diagonally through what is now Carroll County. In 1828, the reservation was given up, and the land became the property of the federal government once more. The Trail of Tears crossed the area (then Lawrence County and later Izard County) before Carroll County was created on November 1, 1833, and also later that decade. The county was named after Charles Carroll of Maryland, one of the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

Although Carroll County was created in 1833, there are no extant records prior to 1869 due to a courthouse fire that destroyed all of the records of the county.

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Carroll County is bordered by Boone, Newton, Madison and Benton counties as well as Missouri counties Stone, Taney and Barry.

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