Newton Co., AR

Newton Co., AR


Newton County is located in the Boston Mountains. Until 1808, the Osage claimed the region, and between 1818 and 1828 the land was part of a reservation granted to the Western Cherokee. The county was part of Carroll County when it was created in 1833, and white settlers quickly moved in.

The state legislature created Newton County on December 14, 1842, naming it after U.S. marshal Thomas Willoughby Newton. After beginning his career as a mail carrier and serving as U.S. marshal for Arkansas, Newton was elected to serve in Congress after the resignation of Archibald Yell. John Belleh's house on Shop Creek was designated the county seat until the designation was given to Jasper in 1843. The county had ten post offices by 1856.
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Newton County is bordered by Boone, Searcy, Pope, Johnson, Madison and Carroll counties.

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