Washington County AR

Washington Co., AR

Washington County, AR


Washington County began as part of the Cherokee Territory, following an 1817 treaty. On October 13, 1827, the Arkansas territorial legislature acted to create Lovely County. Present-day Washington County was within the borders of this county. Many early settlers to Washington County came to the area after the establishment of Lovely County. The county was formed after the Cherokee were removed and the area was deemed safe for white settlement. The first white families came to Washington County about a year before the Arkansas territorial legislature opened the area to settlement, thus making trespassers of the new pioneers. The land formally became available to white settlement in 1828. Lovely County was abolished by October 14, 1828, most of it ending up, when the border was drawn, in Indian Territory (modern-day Oklahoma). From much of what was left in Arkansas Territory, Washington County was formally created.
Source: Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture and Wikipedia

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Washington County is bordered by Benton , Madison and Crawford counties as well as Adair County, Oklahoma.

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