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WantedPages Plugin - v6.7

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see http://dev.tiki.org/item4214

Issue Description (from TW Ticket 4214)

Since upgrading from v4.3 to v6.7 the WantedPages plugin is no longer functioning for us.

The documentation for WantedPages at http://doc.tiki.org/PluginWantedPages has a note "Best Results - for best results, enable the WikiWordsPlugin, I found that if this plugin is not enabled, several desired page links will be recorded in the 'tiki_links' table, but not displayed in the list result of this plugin."

I've tested our site and did see good output from WantedPages when configuration option WikiWords at Admin -> Wiki -> Features was temporarily enabled.

We did not have this option enabled on our v4.3 wiki and Wanted Pages worked. Because our Genealogy One Name Study site http://thereevesproject.org/data/HomePage_Wiki contains community contributed transcripts from old wills, deeds etc, enabling WikiWords is not a valid option for us since these old documents often contain CaMelCase words which we want accurately transcribed and we would not want automatically generated wiki links created for those words.

This may also be related to an existing issue http://dev.tiki.org/item2675 but I don't think its exactly the same.

Shouldn't the ability to produce a full and valid list of Wanted Pages be independent of other wiki features being enabled or disabled?

Issue History

Initial 02May2012 - The WantedPages plugin used on page ZZZ-MRB-Test019 is not generating a list of Wanted Pages. This was working on v4.3.

Update 04May2012 - Tentatively linked with other Plugin issues discovered in our general testing of TRP on the v6.7 platform.

Update 06May2012 - It now seems likely this is a specific issue, related to a feature not currently being enabled for TRP. The documentation for Wanted Pages at http://doc.tiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=PluginWantedPages suggests the configuration option WikiWords at Admin -> Wiki -> Features needs to be enabled. We did not have this option enabled on our v4.3 wiki. I've test enabled it and it does indeed make WantedPages work, BUT it turns all CaMelCase words automatically into Wiki Links, which is not desirable in our Wiki. Have again disabled this option, to permit consideration.

Update 08May2012 - Ticket 4214 opened
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