BIR Bug - Code Plugin broken by Group Plugin


GROUP Plugin breaks CODE Plugin - v6.7

TW Ticket

See http://dev.tiki.org/item4239

Issue Description (from TW Ticket 4239)

Affects both v6.7 and dev.tiki.org (running ??v8.x??)). Worked OK on v4.3

1. Code outside Group
{GROUP(groups=>Registered|Admins, notgroups=Editors)}some content{ELSE}other content{GROUP}

Now add a {GROUP(groups=>Registered)} include the same code snippet and close out the {GROUP}.

other content{GROUP}{CODE}

On v6.7 the code box is displayed and the code snippet is truncated at the start of the Else statement for a registered user. On dev.tiki.org (running v8.x??), the code box is not displayed and the code is truncated at the same point for a registered user.

For an anonymous user, on both versions, there is no code box and the user see "other content{GROUP}{CODE} "

Repeating the code snippet again outside of the restricting Group statement works
3. Code outside Group
{GROUP(groups=>Registered|Admins, notgroups=Editors)}some content{ELSE}other content{GROUP}

The code example is lifted from http://doc.tiki.org/PluginGroup with a caption statement added.

Happy to help test any patch,


Issue History

Initial 29May2012 - Was working OK with v4.3, broken in v6.7. Affects page TRP_Code_Snippets
Ticket opened at http://dev.tiki.org/item4239 which also exhibits the same problem.

Update xxmmmyyy -
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