BIR Bug - HTML Block Quote - with Work Around

HTML Style Blockquote (2011-07)

HTML style Blockquote works inconsistently

Tiki.org has pages suggesting HTML style blockquotes can be intermixed with wiki syntax. For example see http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki-Syntax+Text#To_Indent_a_Text_Block

However, it is our experience within TRP that the use of the HTML style of blockquotes is known to produce inconsistent results. Whilst the page preview normally appears correct, the saved page sometimes exhibits the desired formatting but often exposes the underlying html tags without formatting applied.
<blockquote>Text to be block quoted</blockquote>
<blockquote>Text to be block quoted</blockquote>

Alternate Solution

HTML style blockquotes can be avoided all together by the use of the {DIV} plugin which seems to work reliably. See http://doc.tiki.org/PluginDiv for detailed documentation and note using other variants of this {DIV} plugin is not recommended.
{DIV(type=>blockquote)}Text to be block quoted{DIV}
Text to be block quoted

As an added benefit, the {DIV(type=>blockquote)} may be nested if that is desired.
{DIV(type=>blockquote)}Initial text of outer block.
{DIV(type=>blockquote)}Inner text to be block quoted.{DIV}
Remainder of outer block quoted.{DIV}
Initial text of outer block
Inner text to be block quoted
Remainder of outer block quoted.

Status: Alternate Solution Exists

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