Issue - Attachment File Size Limit too low

Attachment File Size Limits (2010-12)

Attachment File Size Limitations.

In a Wiki comment, Richard asked....

Do you know if there is a size limitation on documents? I have tried to reload this document but I get an error. The file is quite large (1.8MB), probably because I have some jpegs of maps in the file.

Richard, I honestly didn't have a clue, but found a very current thread over on tiki dot org

Now TRP is using file storage for attachments (rather than squeezing files into database tables) so I know that's not our issue.

One of the posts makes reference to four values within the system PHP.INI file, so I have just checked that file on our system, where our key values are
  • memory_limit = 32M
  • post_max_size = 8M
  • file_uploads = On
  • upload_max_filesize = 2M
If your file is 1.8Mb as reported by your local operating system, I'm guessing that after the upload code has got its hands on it you're falling foul of the 2M upload_max_filesize limit.

Unfortunately I don't have write access to this system file, so can't do any testing of my own. I'll put a request in to Barry to have this value raised to say 4M. If we need go any higher, I'm concerned some people with slower network links may get connection time outs when trying to access these bigger files.

I'll update this page when I have any more info.


Posted 16 Dec 2010

Barry advises he has increased upload_max_filesize from 2M to 4M. I've asked Richard to attempt to repost the orginal 1.8Mb file that was failing.


Posted 17 Dec 2010

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