BIR Issue - Clicking SAVE in Edit gives blank screen

View not Refreshed after Save (data is saved) (2012-01)

Clicking Save on Edit goes to blank screen

My limited testing indicates that the page being edited is indeed correctly saved (when the edit is completed within the allotted time), but the page isn't then automatically presented for viewing, which is disconcerting.

I've flushed the various TW caches (at 07h30GMT on 25 January 2012) which is the recommended action when the wiki "misbehaves".

This alone doesn't seem to resolve the issue, so I'm going to ask Barry to investigate in the system logs, which I don't have access to. He may need to momentarily stop and restart the underlying software on the TRP server.


25 Jan 2012 - 6:30PM
This issue now appears to be resolved.


27 Jan 2012
Bev, thanks for the confirmation.

I did some further investigation during Wednesday (25Jan) and eventually managed to pin the issue down to a problem with the Sendmail sub-system being invoked as a consequence of a "Monitor" event, which is also referred to as "My Watches".   I'd established that Messages were flowing OK, so it wasn't likely to be a general issue with the sendmail subsystem.     What I couldn't tell from the limited info I had was whether it was a general issue with all notifications or related to just the user/event I could see flagged.   I went ahead and used admin privileges to remove the notification which was being flagged (it happened to be for one of my user accounts) around 18h30GMT on 25 Jan.

Subsequent SAVE actions resulted in the changed page being shown, but I was concerned that the next monitor event to be added might re-introduce similar issues. I advised Barry of my actions.

Barry's service provider did restart the server and did some testing of the sendmail subsystem and indicated all was OK.   Their log is dated 2012-01-25 23:2x:xx, unfortunately it is not timezone stamped, so I'm guessing either more probably UCT or possibly CDT, based on where their main server farm is located.

Yesterday evening (26Jan12 at 19h15GMT) I used My Tiki -> My Watches to add a new monitor event, with no apparent adverse effects.   So I'm now going to set the status of this issue to "Fixed"


Status Fixed

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