BIR Issue - Pages seem to be missing from Updated Pages &/or Last Changes

Pages don't show as Changed (2011-05)

Pages missing from Updated Pages &/or Last Changes.

There seems to be multiple circumstances when pages which one might expect to appear in the (most recently) "Updated Pages" module in the right column or the Wiki -> "Last Changes" menu item don't. This page aims to note the known circumstances.

Attaching Files

The act of attaching a file doesn't technically change the content of a wiki page. So a page with just a recently attached file will not show as changed.

If you are attaching the first file to a wiki page, consider also adding to that wiki page the code snippet which makes attached files more visible. See Attached File within TRP_Code_Snippets

Renamed Pages

If a page is renamed by an administrator or privileged user, it remains in the "Updated Pages" with its new name but disappears from the "Last Changes" listing. This is probably a bug, which will need to be further researched and possibly reported.

There may be other circumstances --- please let Martin know if you think you've found one.

Subsequent Occurrences

Page Reeves_Jordan_Sr_RR325ID1927 version 35 created on 18Sep11 failed show in the "Last Changes" list, but did appear under "Updated Pages" per comments from Carolyn & Bev on 19 & 20 Sept.
Page history shows several differences between versions 33 (sic) and 35, but interestingly no version 34 appears in the page history. I have no explanation for this.

Martin 31Oct 2011

Page Reeves_Charlotte_RR327ID1925 version 10 created on 20Oct2011 failed to show in "Last Changes" list per comment from Carolyn on 20 Oct 2011.
Page history shows a single difference between versions 8 (sic) and 10 to the value of the url of an external web page. This results in no visible change to the content of the web page seen within TRP, which might explain its omission from the list. But as with the page noted above, the page history is missing the current version minus 1 page, in this case version 9. Again I have no further explanation for this.

Martin 31Oct 2011
Limited testing has shown a page where only the underlying url is changed does correctly appear on both Last Changes and Updated Pages. So that wouldn't provide an explanation for page Reeves_Charlotte_RR327ID1925.

Looking back over the version history of page Reeves_Charlotte_RR327ID1925, I'm reasonably certain it has been renamed.

The page was originally created by user Tommiess and the first line of content read ! ((Reeves_Charlotte_4031|Charlotte Reeves)).

In creating version 4, Carolyn changed this to simply read !Charlotte Reeves.

I suspect, but can not definitively prove, this page was originally created by Tommie as "Charlotte_Reeves_4031" (sic) and subsequently renamed, perhaps more than once. It is possible I would have renamed the page as "Reeves_Charlotte_4031" to bring in line with our page naming conventions. It is probable that Carolyn renamed the page to match the convention she has adopted for individuals appearing in the Reliques of the Rives.

Martin 3November 2011

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