Coleman, Edward E. (c1712 VA - 1794 VA)

Edward E. Coleman

Coleman, Edward E.


Father: Edward Coleman
Mother: Ann Reeves

Birth: c1712, Essex County, Virginia
Birth Source: Estimate based upon parent's marriage and his own.

Death: 28 Nov 1794, Spotsvlvania County, Virginia
Death Source: 1794 Will, probated Jan 1795

Spouse1: Lucretia Waggoner
Spouse1: Sarah Hutchinson


Children of Edward Coleman and Lucretia Waggoner:
  1. James Coleman, m. Sarah Taylor
  2. Robert Edward Coleman, m. Catherine "Caty" Robinson
  3. John Coleman, m. Hannah Hutchinson
  4. Phoebe Coleman, m. John Hutchinson
  5. Henry Coleman, b. 12 Dec 1744, d, 28 Feb 1808, m. Mary Ann Hutchinson
  6. Thomas Coleman, b. before 1759, m. Nancy Pemberton
Children of Edward Coleman and Sarah Hutchinson:
  1. William Coleman
  2. Catherine "Caty" Coleman, m. Waggoner
Edward Coleman and his wife Lucretia are documented as living in Spotsylvania in 1744 when they made the following conveyance to Samuel Waggoner, Lucretia's brother:
  • Edward Coleman and Lucrea (sic Lucretia), his wife, of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County to Samuel Waggoner of Essex Co., and South Farnham Parish 100 acres in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County. Witnessed by Kerenhappuch Reeves, February 5, 1744. [Spotsylvania County DB D, p181].

Research Notes

Most details of the information listed for children are from the Waggoner family records.


Spotsylvania County VA DB D, p18