DNA Group 06A - Root Page

DNA Group 06A Root

DNA Group 06A - Root Page

DNA Group 06A - TRP Co-ordinator

Within The Reeves Project, Beverly serves as the co-ordinator for DNA Group 06 and its subgroups.

DNA Group 06A - Tested Lines

Line Number DNA Donor TRP Member Interested Party
33172 Thomas Dale Reeves
33674 John Turner Reeves
46947 LS
76511 George W Reeves
90815 Erwin Eugene Reeves Preston Reeves
121975 Lee B Reeves
194709 Marc Reeves Beverly Watson
406454 KC
905377 John Blair Reeves
 936959 PMR
 965912 AR
AM29526 Seán Donovan
X201601 Alvis Reeves

See page DNA Group 06A - Lines of Descent, where we share information provided by the DNA Donors.
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