Family of George Reaves Sr of Halifax Co, Virginia

Family of George Reaves Sr

Family of George Reaves of Halifax County, Virginia

Image A wealth of historical data indicates that George Reaves who appeared in Halifax County, Virginia (location 8 on the adjacent map) circa 1770 was the same individual by that name who was previously recorded in Prince William County, Virginia. See the blog post "The rest of the story..." which details the extensive research of this family back to George's birth circa 1726/27. This individual has been confused with George Reeves, Sr. of Grayson County, Virginia because over a period of 20 years the border between Virginia and North Carolina changed regularly and various individuals confused the two men named "George Reeves" who both appear in Wilkes County over those years. This George Reaves who came to Wilkes County from Halifax, Virginia sold his property in Wilkes County to William Petty in 1794 and moved back to Virginia where he lived the remainder of his life. He was listed consistently on the Halifax County tax lists from 1796 to 1815 and appears to have died around 1815.
The map and above text both first appeared in May 2017 as part of post entitled "Early Reeves' Families in Colonial America" researched and written by Beverly for the blog Reeves, Reaves, and More Rives she co-authors and is included here with her permission.

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