Franklin County, Kentucky

Franklin Co., KY

Franklin County, KY


In 1773 a group of surveyors came up the Kentucky River, crossed at Buffalo Crossing, and surveyed the present site of Frankfort. They described Buffalo Trace which was made by vast herds of buffaloes traveling to and from the blue grass fields of Scott, Woodford and other parts of the blue grass country. It bore evidence of having been traveled for hundred of years by thousands of buffaloes in their search for salt.

The Cherokee Indians sold to the Transylvania Company all of that part of Franklin County which lies south or west of the Kentucky River in 1775. The purchase was made by the company through Daniel Boone as agent. There were no settlements made on that side of the river until about 1784.

Franklin County was created on December 7, 1794 from Woodford, Mercer, and Shelby Counties. Franklin was the 18th Kentucky county in order of formation and was named after the American inventor and statesman Benjamin Franklin. The Kentucky river runs through it from south to north the entire length of the county, dividing it into two nearly equal parts. The three original counties of Kentucky, Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln, intersected in what is today Franklin County.
Source: The History of Franklin County, Kentucky by L. F. Johnson, pub 1912 and Wikipedia

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Franklin County is bordered by Owen, Scott, Woodford, Anderson, Shelby and Henry counties.

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