Shelby County, Kentucky

Shelby Co., KY

Shelby County, KY


Although he was not the first white man to explore the Kentucky wilderness, it was Squire Boone, the younger brother of Daniel Boone, who began the settlement of Shelby County Territory, around 1779. Squire Boone began the improvements that would become Boone's Station, also known as the "Painted Stone Station" on Clear Creek in 1776 and brought families to set up the station. Both the settlement and Squire Boone survived the indian massacre of Long Run in 1781.

In 1792 Kentucky County, Virginia was made into a state with three counties, one of which was Jefferson. Shelby County was established from land given by Jefferson County and was named for Isaac Shelby, the first Governor of Kentucky. Kentuckians generally were of English stock because it was Virginia Anglicans who made their way to the Cumberland Gap through which most of the Kentucky stations' settlers came.
Source: Painted Stone History at Stump Bluff Militia and The History of Shelby County, Kentucky by George L. Willis, Sr. pub 1929.

Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Shelby County is bordered by Henry, Franklin, Anderson, Spencer, Jefferson and Oldham counties.
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