Norfolk County, Massachusetts

Norfolk Co., MA

Norfolk County, MA


Norfolk County, Massachusetts was created on March 26, 1793 by legislation signed by Gov. John Hancock. Most of the towns were originally part of Suffolk County, Massachusetts. The towns of Dorchester and Roxbury were part of Norfolk County when it was created but, as Boston annexed each town, they became part of Suffolk County again. Hingham and Hull were originally part of the Norfolk County legislation but petitioned to remain in Suffolk county and in June 1793 their removal to Norfolk county was repealed. Later, in 1803, they were moved into Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The county is the birthplace of four Presidents of the United States (John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John F. Kennedy, and George H.W. Bush), resulting in the moniker "County of Presidents."
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Norfolk County is bordered by Middlesex, Suffolk, Plymouth, Bristol, Providence (RI), and Worcester counties.

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