Worcester County, Massachusetts

Worcester Co., MA

Worcester County, MA


Worcester County was formed from the eastern portion of colonial Hampshire County, the western portion of the original Middlesex County and the extreme western portion of the original Suffolk County. When the government of Worcester County was established on April 2, 1731, Worcester was chosen as its shire town (later known as a county seat). From that date until the dissolution of the county government, it was the only county seat. Because of the size of the county, there were fifteen attempts over 140 years to split the county into two counties, but without success. Initially, Lancaster was proposed as the seat of the northern county; later, Petersham was proposed once and Fitchburg was proposed repeatedly, most recently in 1903. Perhaps as a concession, in August 1884 the Worcester County Registry of Deeds was split in two, with the Worcester Northern registry placed in Fitchburg.
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Modern Day Adjacent Counties

Worcester County is bordered by Cheshire (NH), Hillsborough (NH), Middlesex, Norfolk, Providence (RI), Windham (CT), Tolland (CT), Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties.

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