Bute Co., NC (Extinct)

Bute Co., NC


Bute County was formed in 1764 from the eastern part of Granville County, but existed only fifteen years. In 1779 Bute was divided into Franklin County and Warren County, and ceased to exist. Later, in 1881, Vance County was carved out of Franklin, Granville and Warren Counties.

In 1746, when Granville County was formed from Edgecombe, St. John's Parish was created, including all of Granville County. In 1761, Granville County was divided into two parishes, the western part becoming Granville Parish and the eastern part remaining St. John's. In 1764, the whole of St. John's Parish, the eastern part of Granville County, became Bute Count. A small part of Northampton County was added to Bute, in 1766 .

When Bute County was divided into Franklin and Warren in 1779, the records of the discontinued Bute County remained in Warren County as the Bute County Courthouse had been in the area that became Warren. Deed Book A is the first of eight deed books containing the recorded deeds of the period of Colonial Bute County, 1764-1779.

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