Burlington County, New Jersey

Burlington Co., NJ

Burlington County, NJ


Anglo-European records of Burlington County date to 1681, when its court was established in the Province of West Jersey. The county was formed on May 17, 1694, "by the union of the first and second Tenths." The county was named for Bridlington, a town in England. Burlington County was also the seat of government for the Province of West Jersey until its amalgamation with East Jersey in 1702, forming the Province of New Jersey. The county was much larger and was partitioned to form additional counties as the population increased. In 1714 one partition to the north became Hunterdon County, which itself was later partitioned to form three additional counties. The county seat had been in Burlington but, as the population increased in the interior, away from the Delaware River, a more central location was needed, and the seat of government was moved to Mount Holly in 1793.
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