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Wylie Reeves, Page 16 ID 90

Errors of The Reeves Review II

Wylie Reeves

Page 16, ID #90
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Lineage is incorrect as established by DNA and York County SC probate records, i.e. (John, William, William, Timothy, Richard, John, Robert).

This entry is a continuation of the error on Page 12 for ID 90, Wylie Reeves who is listed as a son of John Reeves. Wiley Reeves who married Rebecca Thompson (NOT Ransome) in Granville County, NC on 24 November 1788 was the son of William Reeves who died in York County, SC in 1821, not John Reeves, ID #39 of Page 12. See York County Probate Records of the Estate of William Reeves, Case Nbr. 45, File 1904 as well as the 1822 Estate of Elizabeth Reeves, which both name Wiley as an heir. In addition he was an administrator of the Estate of his father, William Reeves.

This Wylie Reeves supposedly died at the age of 119 in Morgan County, Alabama which is highly questionable and unlikely. Additionally, most of the children listed cannot currently be identified.

There is currently no documentation to identify the parents of Isaac Newton Reeves; however, the most likely candidate is John Reeves of Pendleton District, South Carolina.

The child George Washington Reeves ID #208.viii married to Elizabeth Coffee is first found in the 1850 census of Marshall County, Alabama working as a hired hand at age 18. In that county a Redden Reeves, born 1801 in South Carolina, with wife Anna, born 1816 also in South Carolina, is recorded in the 1850 census. They would appear to be the parents of George W. Reeves based upon their South Carolina origins and their presence in Marshall County, Alabama.

This entire entry for the Wylie Reeves, ID #90, cannot be verified without extensive research.

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