Reaves, John (1809 GA - 1889 AL)

Reaves, John

Reaves, John


Father: William Reaves
Mother: Elizabeth Purvis

Birth: 27 Apr 1809, Hancock County, Georgia
Birth Source: Gravestone Inscription

Death: 9 Oct 1887, Randolph County, Alabama
Death Source: Gravestone Inscription in Old Wedowee City Cemetery

Spouse1: Hannah McWhorter, m. 14 Feb 1828 in Hancock County, Georgia¹
Spouse2: Princess Ussery, m. 4 Apr 1844 in Randolph County, Alabama
Spouse3: Jane F. Garrett, m. 12 Nov 1857 in Chambers County, Alabama²
Spouse4: Mary White Cantrell, m. 1 Feb 1871 in Randolph County, Alabama


Children of John Reaves and Hannah McWhorter:
  1. William Reaves, b. 1829, GA, d. 1849, AL.
  2. Sarah Ellen Reaves, b. 1831, GA, m. James H. Brumbeloe.
  3. Lee Reaves, b. 1833, GA.
  4. Martha Ann E. Reaves, b. 1835, GA, m. Daniel L. Kerr.
  5. Stephen E. Augustus Reaves, b. 1836, GA, d. 1925, AL, m. Georgia MNU.
  6. Algernon Sidney Reaves, b. 1839, AL, m. Mittie Hart.
  7. Eldridge W. Reaves, b. 1841, AL, living 1860.
  8. Eralburn C. Reaves, b. 1843, AL, m. Mary J. Garrett.
Children of John Reaves and Princess Ussery:
  1. Marcellus F. Reaves, b. 1845, AL, d. 1845, AL.
  2. Irwin B. Reaves, b. 1847, AL, living 1860.
  3. Mentoria Princess Ann Reaves, b. 1848, AL, m. Robert S. Heflin.
  4. Orion Brundage Reaves, b. 1850, AL, m. Sarah A. White.
  5. Elliott J. Reaves, b. 1851, AL, living 1870.
Children of John Reaves and Jane Garrett:
  1. Lula Nettie Reaves, b. 1859, AL, d. 1944.
  2. Adiel Lumpkin Reaves, b. 1861, AL, living 1880.
  3. Theola Sherwood Reaves, b. 1863, AL, living 1880.
Children of John Reaves and Mary White Cantrell:
  1. Emma Reaves, b. 1871, AL, d. 1872, AL.
  2. Lenora Reaves, b. 1872, AL, d. 1943, AL, m. Unknown Miller.
  3. Pittman Chilton Reaves, b. 1875, AL, d. 1948, TX.
  4. Carrie E. Reaves, b. 1877, AL, living in 1880.
From The Randolph Leader, Roanoke, Alabama -
John Reaves and his brother, Stephen, got there (Bacon Level community) early. Bacon Level was still the wild frontier in 1828. The brothers intended on studying law at Hickory Flat, but first, trees had to be felled and a cabin built.

Stephen got restless and moved "out west" to a territory described as "all care-free people who are fond of dancing and little inclined to work… and women who have rather loose ideas of morality and skillful in the art of seduction…" The territory became the Republic of Texas in 1836. John's 18-year-old son, William, joined the 1st Alabama Regiment of Volunteers in '46 and "went west" to fight in the Mexican War. He caught the fever and died two years later.

John Reaves remained in Bacon Level and, after finishing his law studies, moved back to Hancock County, Ga. for a short while. But Randolph County called to him, and in 1847 Reaves was a lawyer in Wedowee and a member of the Baptist Church. He was elected as a Democrat to represent Randolph County in the General Assembly 1851-1852, and was Clerk of the Circuit Court or Master in Chancery almost continuously from 1847 until his death in '87. Reaves was described as "a gentleman and a Christian." He "was faithful, reliable and just…" The editor of The Randolph Toiler stated that "he spent many a day with Reaves in the sport of hunting and fishing."

The 1860 Randolph Co., AL, Census, Southern Division, Wedowee Post Office, HH 10/10, showed this family. John Reaves was a 50-year-old farmer born in GA with property valued at $5,000/$3,500. Each of his children enumerated, ranging in age from 1 year to 20 years, was shown with a personal estate valued at $600. Algernon Sidney was a "Student at Law," while E. W. and E. C. were farm hands. Also living in the household were Mary Garrett, 16, GA; Josephine Garrett, 11, GA; and F. E. Garrett, 8, female, GA. Each of the Garrett sisters was shown with a personal estate valued at $400.

The 1870 Randolph Co., AL, Census showed John Reaves and family in Township 20, Wedowee P.O., HH 17/18. He was a lawyer with property valued at $3500/$1000. No wife was shown, but the following children were living with him: Mintona, age 19; Elliot J., age 17; Lular, age 11; Adiel L., age 9; and Whealor, age 7.

The 1880 Randolph Co., AL, Census, Wedowee, Beat 6, HH 11/11, showed John Reaves and family. He was aged 71, a lawyer, born in GA, with father born in NC and mother in SC. Wife Mary W. was age 40; she and both parents had been born in TN. Children Adiel, Theola S., Nora, Pitt, and Carrie, ranging in age from eighteen years to two years, were shown. Tilman Haynes, an 11-year-old stepson, born in Georgia, was also shown, as were two servants.


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