Reavis, Edward (1680 ENG - 1751 NC)

Reavis, Edward

Reavis, Edward


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Birth: abt 1680, probably England
Birth Source:

Death: abt Feb 1752, Northampton County, North Carolina
Death Source: Will proven Feb Court 1752

Spouse1: Hannah (presumed surname Alley)
Spouse2: Sarah (possibly Gillam)


Children of Edward Reavis and Hannah (Alley?):
  1. Edward Reavis, Jr.
  2. Agnes Reavis
  3. James Reavis
  4. Samuel Reavis
  5. Thomas Reavis
  6. William Reavis
Children of Edward Reavis and Sarah (Gillam?):
  1. Jesse Reavis
  2. Sarah Reavis
  3. Judith Reavis
  4. John Reavis
Sept 5 1723 land patents granted to Rivis, Edward and Thomas Ally, 400 acs. (N.L.) Henrico Co: S. side of James River; on William Cocke's land; crossing Stony Run; 30 shill., & imp. Of 2 pers; Sarah Mullinax and James Grigg.

Aug 1729 Henrico Co Va Deed Book pg 242-4
Edward Revis of County and Parish of Henrico to Thomas Alley of same. Whereas said Edward and Thomas are both seized of 400 acres as by Patent 5 Sept 1723, they agree to division.
Hannah wife of Edward and Frances wife of Thomas relinquish their Dower Rights. Witnesses: George Payne, Pierre Louis Soblet. Signed: Edward Revis, Thomas A. Alley

Aug 1 1729 Edward and Hannah of Henrico sold to Thomas Jennit 50 acres for 3 pounds

1730 Vestry Book of Henrico Parrish, Henrico Co., Va name of Edward Reavis appears once as Revis, six times as Reves.

Oct 7 1735 Edward Reavis bought 200 acres for 20 pounds on a branch of Tuckahoe Creek, called Stony Run, from Charles Christian; joining Edward's own land.

1740 Edward deeded land to T. Smith, Edward's wife Sarah relinquished her dower.

Feb 1746 Edward Revis witnessed deed between John Moore of Northampton Co NC and William Walker of Va., 100 acres Pea Hill Creek, Northampton Co NC (other witnesses were Wm Allen and Thomas Clanton).

Apr 1747 Deed of Edward Reavis, witnessed by James Reavis and Edward Reavis, Jr.
290 acres on Moratock/Roanoke River in Northampton Co NC The deed mentions inclusion of houses and orchards, apparently his home until his death. He bought the land from Thomas Clanton of Brunswick Co NC.


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