Reavis, George (c1750 NC - c1835 NC)

George Reavis

Reavis, George


Father: James Reavis, Sr.
Mother: Elizabeth Street

Birth: 1750, probably Northampton County, North Carolina
Birth Source:

Death: before 1835, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Death Source: Deed of 15 Nov 1835 describes George Reavis as deceased - Deed Book 21, page 118.

Spouse1: Sarah Pearson


Children of George Reavis and Sarah Pearson:
  1. Thomas Revis
  2. James Reavis
  3. Mary Reavis
George Reavis appears to have left Surry County at about the same time his father James Reavis did for he is recorded as purchasing a parcel of land of unspecified amount in Buncombe County on 18 October 1796 from William Hunter. Recorded in Deed Book 2 at pages 404 and 405.

George Revis purchased 100 acres of land from Zachariah Candler on 4 March 1821 which was recorded by the Buncombe County Court in it's January Term 1825. This establishes that George Reavis was living in 1825 but was deceased before January 1835 as recorded in an 1835 land grant. The land grant for six acres on Flat Creek which was entered the 30th of January 1835 and written on 15 November 1835 but was not registered until 8 Jan 1838 refers to George Reavis Dec'd which would infer that George was deceased sometime prior to November 1835.

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