Reeve, Jonathan (1764 VA - 1837 VA)

Reeve, Jonathan

Reeve, Jonathan


Father: George Reeve
Mother: Jane Riddle Durham

Birth: 1764 c1760, 1769, Prince William County, Virginia
Birth Source: 1778 Will of George Reeve, Samuel Love Pension Application (Age 71 in 1835)

Death: before June 1837, Prince William County, VA
Death Source: Will probated 5 Jun 1837

Spouse1: Unknown Simms


Jonathan inherited land from his father in Frederick Co., VA, in 1779.

Jonathan was taxed in Prince William County in 1782 and 1786; in 1786 he was a taxable of Thomas Thornton. The 1782 reference suggests that he was born by 1766.

The wife of Jonathan Reeve(s) is identified as the daughter of Elijah Simms in a 1798 court case in Fauquier County. In that case Elijah Simms filed suit against Jonathan Reeves for the return of a slave, Abraham.

In 1816, Jonathan gave a statement regarding the court case Administrator of Elijah Robinson vs. Administrator of James Robinson in a case involving the return of a slave, Dick, held as security by James Robinson in Fauquier County.

In July of 1835, Jonathan Reeve gave testimony in support for the Revolutionary War Pension Application for a Samuel Love as follows, "Jonathan Reave a citizen of Prince William County aged 71 years, and being duly sworn according to law deposeth and saith that he was well acquainted with Samuel Love formerly of the County of Prince William." His sister (not stated as such) "Jemima Mooney of the said County aged 76 years" also testified.

From Jonathan's will written in May of 1837, it does not appear that he had issue. The will leaves all of his estate to a friend, James W. Ransdell, and a legacy to a Miss Ransdell. [PWC WB O p310]

Although the will does not mention any children, the 1810 census indicates he either had children, or had a family living with him, perhaps close relatives.


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