Reeves, Arvesena (c1863 IL - 1943 AR)

Reeves, Arvesena

Reeves, Arvesena


Father: John G Reeves
Mother: Sarah Coolley

Birth: cDec 1863, Illinois
Birth Source: Census, Death Certificate

Death: 21 Apr 1943
Death Source: Death Certificate

Spouse1: John B. Hall


Death Certificate states her parents were John and Sallie Reeves, and that she and her father were born in Illinois. It also states she was born Dec 1864. However, the 1900 census says Dec 1862. Earlier censuses indicate closer to 1865. Went by "Argie."


Birth:        Arkansas Death Certificate, Argie Hall, 1943
Death:        Arkansas Death Certificate, Argie Hall, 1943
Census:      1900 Census - Randolph County, Arkansas