Reeves, Edward (c1740 ? - ?)

Edward Reeves

Reeves, Edward


Father: Unknown

Birth: before 1740
Birth Source: Adult when listed as taxpayer in Bladen County, North Carolina 1763.

Death: Unknown
Death Source:

Spouse1: Unknown


Much research is required to establish the identity of the earliest records for an Edward Reeves in Bladen County, North Carolina. The earliest Reeves found in this area to date is a Robert Reeves recorded as a taxpayer in 1742 but whether Edward Reeves found in Bladen in 1750 is a descendant of this Robert Reeves is unknown. It is generally presumed that Edward Reeves who died there in 1826 was the same individual listed in the earliest records. Although not impossible, it is unlikely that the dates generally used for Edward Reeves who died in 1826 are correct. Dates in common usage for this individual indicate that he died at approximately 100 years old. A detailed search of all the extant Bladen County records would help document records of this family and ascertain whether there are several Edward Reeves in this lineage rather than just one living to 100 years of age.

The earliest records at present record the presentation by Edward Reaves of a petition at Council for 100 acres in Bladen that was granted on July 7, 1750.

Edward Reeves was referenced as an adjoining landowner in a grant to Henry Skibbow and John Anderson for land between Eliz Merriddiths home place and Edward Reeves, adjoining the river swamp in Bladen county on May 3, 1760.

Edward Reeves received a warrant for 159 aces on the northeast side of N.W. River, Bladen County, September 23, 1766 (no grant information).

Edward Reeves and Jacob Jordan are referenced as adjoining landowners in a grant to James West for land on the west side of Black or South River in Bladen County on May 4, 1769. Again on November 22, 1771 Edward Reeves was referenced as an adjoining landowner in a grant to Thomas Briggs for land on west side of the South or Black River. On that same date in November 1771, he received Grant No. 346 for 150 acres on west side of South River, joining a branch and his own land.

There are numerous other citations over the next 50 years for an Edward Reeves in Bladen County which may all be for the same individual, and if so this needs documentation with any extant records that can be located.

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